Toni is here!

( Yleinen )

Toni Kamula, the first guest at the residency, arrived here on Tuesday. He is working on a script for a feature film. As you can see he has settled down well. We all feel like Toni has been here since day one.


Toni Kamula at work.

Best in Talo? The bridge.

( Yleinen )

Ounaskoski railway bridge takes you across the Kemijoki river on your way to the Talo. We hadn’t been in the Talo for long before I realized how important the bridge was. That you can cross a river, running water, every day.


The bridge. It is amazingly powerful. What else could it be – the iron-framed double layer bridge, cars driving on the lower level and trains passing on the upper level on their way either from Rovaniemi to Kemijärvi in the east or vice versa, trains driving from Kemijärvi through Rovaniemi to the world.


The history of the bridge is the sordid, painful history of Rovaniemi. The bridge built in 1934 was exploded ten years later by the Germans – of course, a strategic means of transportation. Reconstruction took off immediately after the war and the bridge has again been in use since 1951.


When I am in the Talo, I can see the bridge from the kitchen window. It looks so very solid and strong. When a train passes, the rumble echoes through the building.


The evening comes and I will cross the river again.


Rautasilta yöllä/ The bridge at night

Talo at Rovaniemi Design Week

( Yleinen )

Talo is presented at Rovaniemi Design Week until 26/2. The classy logo of Talo, designed by Mika Junna, is hovering over the chairs from our living room. It works like charm there as well, almost like a 3D version of our web page!


Talo at Rovaniemi Design Week. Photo: Katariina

Ladies morning sauna

( Yleinen )

Every Wednesday morning at eight the ladies of Talo go to sauna. They are joined by a guest who is always a guest of honor since titles don’t make a difference while in sauna.


The morning sauna tradition started in October when some of the girls reckoned that the water in Kemijoki river was too refreshing (read: freezing) for swimming without the heat of sauna. And it does refresh! It is a must to take a dip in the river or in snow. Then back to sauna and the steps are repeated. Feels both terrible and amazing. The warmth of sauna gently wakes one up to a new day, but the arctic water shows no mercy. After those dips you feel very awake, alive and like you deserve a cup of good coffee.



Mens morning sauna takes turn on Thursdays at eight. Sleepyheads have made it to sauna twice that early.

Let’s start from the beginning


Kata, Aku ja Päivi salaatilla


It was Päivi who came up with the idea of residency first. The rest of the people at Talo got excited right away. Talo had charmed its new residents at once and they didn’t want to keep the fine atmosphere of the place to themselves. “We got along so well from the start that the residency felt like a natural continuum,” says Aku. Different people from different fields working around the same table creates good buzz, and there’s always space for one more around that table.


The northern location combined with a creative commune equals a different kind of a perspective on the Arctic. “Lapland is interesting and full of opportunities. Rovaniemi is the perfect gate to Lapland,” Katariina points out.


Sure the idea is somewhat selfish too. With new people around one doesn’t get stuck that easily. “No matter how creative you are, some habits become established and it gets hard to get rid of them,” says Päivi. At Talo we are also expecting new fun people, interesting projects and sauna nights. Those warm summer nights at the terrace when we felt like we belong were also made for sharing.


Hello world!

( Yleinen )

This blog is all about Talo. Nice to have you with us here!