Talo opens your senses to culture


The Leisure Board of the City of Rovaniemi has published a brand new brochure Open Your Senses to Culture. If you take a closer look at the leaflet, you find a nice surprise.


“Talo, the Rovaniemi Residency for Creative People, gives people from outside Rovaniemi the opportunity to live in the Arctic region for a few months and get inspired by the creative community.” That’s right, you should be here!


Year 2013 has started well for residency


News from wintery Talo! In March the residency is celebrating it’s first birthday after a busy year. Each and every guest from Finland, Denmark and Germany has been charming. New connections has been established between residency visitors, Lapland and people living in Lapland.


Our arctic residency will continue offering a place to work for creative people as planned after the pilot year. Some changes has been made considering the costs. During year 2013 we have started to collect a small 100 € fee per month from the residency visitors. This fee includes everything from the apartment to the workspace in Talo.


And without further ado, welcome to Talo!



Table’s identity crisis.


In the beginning of last summer Päivi found a beautiful table from “Tuhat tori” flea market, but for some reason we didn’t purchase it. After nine months we ran into the same table again and this time we decided to buy it. Now it has been properly cleaned and it has a new glass. Only thing bothering the table’s happiness is it’s identity crisis – who am I?


Have you seen this table before? Do you know who designed it? Help the table to find it’s true identity!



Let’s start from the beginning


Kata, Aku ja Päivi salaatilla


It was Päivi who came up with the idea of residency first. The rest of the people at Talo got excited right away. Talo had charmed its new residents at once and they didn’t want to keep the fine atmosphere of the place to themselves. “We got along so well from the start that the residency felt like a natural continuum,” says Aku. Different people from different fields working around the same table creates good buzz, and there’s always space for one more around that table.


The northern location combined with a creative commune equals a different kind of a perspective on the Arctic. “Lapland is interesting and full of opportunities. Rovaniemi is the perfect gate to Lapland,” Katariina points out.


Sure the idea is somewhat selfish too. With new people around one doesn’t get stuck that easily. “No matter how creative you are, some habits become established and it gets hard to get rid of them,” says Päivi. At Talo we are also expecting new fun people, interesting projects and sauna nights. Those warm summer nights at the terrace when we felt like we belong were also made for sharing.