Talo opens your senses to culture


The Leisure Board of the City of Rovaniemi has published a brand new brochure Open Your Senses to Culture. If you take a closer look at the leaflet, you find a nice surprise.


“Talo, the Rovaniemi Residency for Creative People, gives people from outside Rovaniemi the opportunity to live in the Arctic region for a few months and get inspired by the creative community.” That’s right, you should be here!


Year 2013 has started well for residency


News from wintery Talo! In March the residency is celebrating it’s first birthday after a busy year. Each and every guest from Finland, Denmark and Germany has been charming. New connections has been established between residency visitors, Lapland and people living in Lapland.


Our arctic residency will continue offering a place to work for creative people as planned after the pilot year. Some changes has been made considering the costs. During year 2013 we have started to collect a small 100 € fee per month from the residency visitors. This fee includes everything from the apartment to the workspace in Talo.


And without further ado, welcome to Talo!



A tip of the week – how to make your work day more effective

( Yleinen )

When you cannot get your thoughts together, making a puzzle might help?


Would You like to be our guest in July and/or August?

( Yleinen )

Our guests in July and August cancelled their visit. So the most beautiful months of the summer are now available. Those months are the best to chill out in the terrace by the river. 


Would you like to be our guest in July and/or August? Or do you know somebody who would love to?


Send your informal application, CV, work plan, examples of your work and the desired length of the stay (1-2 months). Tell us who you are and why do you want to work at Talo. We are also interested to hear what the North means to you.


Applications may be sent to the e-mail address: katariina@flatlightfilms.com or via snail mail: Talo Residency, Kiviniementie 10, 96400 Rovaniemi.


River free of ice

( Yleinen )

The water is open and we love it! Some random chunks of ice floating down the stream remind us that the beach season is still far away, but when we close our eyes all we hear is the waves whispering the summer being right around the corner.

The truth about Champagne glasses

( Yleinen )

Differing information of the amount of champagne glasses seems to have bewildered many attentive readers. Are there 90 or 150 of them? Hold your breath, the question is to be answered right here and now!




Following amounts of champagne glasses were found at Talo:
The upper left cupboard: 54 glasses
The upper right cupboard: 6 glasses
The shelf: 38 glasses
Storehouse: 12 glasses
Total: 110 glasses


At Päivis place: ca 40 glasses.


At the residency apartment: 6 glasses


Total: ca 156 champagne glasses


It seems like they were both right. Aku didn’t count in the ones Päivi had and the ones that are in the storehouse and residency apartment. And forgot about 8.


( Yleinen )

Ensimmäinen viikko residenssityöskentelyä takana.

On ollut merkillistä totutella ajatukseen, että aika jonka olen (työ)päivääni varannut, on halutessani ainoastaan kirjoittamista ja siihen liittyvää oheistoimintaa varten. Se on mahdollista vain kun on poissa oman arjen askareista.

Työrutiini uudessa ympäristössä on hakenut muotoaan. Tänään työpäivän aloittaminen venyi poikkeuksellisesti myöhään iltaan.

Suoritin äsken virallisen koeajon residenssiin kuuluvan potkukelkan kanssa. Viimeisimmästä potkurikokemuksestani on ottanut aikaa varmasti sen kaksikymmentä vuotta. Mutta sen minkä nuorena oppii, niin..

Vauhti kiihtyi alamäessä yllättävän kovaksi. Tuuli humisi korvissa, aistit terävöityivät tien kaartaessa jyrkästi kohti jokivartta. Pudotin painopistettäni alemmas, nyt täytyy olla tarkkana. Nauratti.

Tuona hetkenä tajusin olevani residensseilyn ytimessä: kello ja kalenteri hukassa, potkukelkka alla, tähtitaivas kattona. Niin, ja matkalla töihin!

Table’s identity crisis.


In the beginning of last summer Päivi found a beautiful table from “Tuhat tori” flea market, but for some reason we didn’t purchase it. After nine months we ran into the same table again and this time we decided to buy it. Now it has been properly cleaned and it has a new glass. Only thing bothering the table’s happiness is it’s identity crisis – who am I?


Have you seen this table before? Do you know who designed it? Help the table to find it’s true identity!



Toni is here!

( Yleinen )

Toni Kamula, the first guest at the residency, arrived here on Tuesday. He is working on a script for a feature film. As you can see he has settled down well. We all feel like Toni has been here since day one.


Toni Kamula at work.

Best in Talo? The bridge.

( Yleinen )

Ounaskoski railway bridge takes you across the Kemijoki river on your way to the Talo. We hadn’t been in the Talo for long before I realized how important the bridge was. That you can cross a river, running water, every day.


The bridge. It is amazingly powerful. What else could it be – the iron-framed double layer bridge, cars driving on the lower level and trains passing on the upper level on their way either from Rovaniemi to Kemijärvi in the east or vice versa, trains driving from Kemijärvi through Rovaniemi to the world.


The history of the bridge is the sordid, painful history of Rovaniemi. The bridge built in 1934 was exploded ten years later by the Germans – of course, a strategic means of transportation. Reconstruction took off immediately after the war and the bridge has again been in use since 1951.


When I am in the Talo, I can see the bridge from the kitchen window. It looks so very solid and strong. When a train passes, the rumble echoes through the building.


The evening comes and I will cross the river again.


Rautasilta yöllä/ The bridge at night