Talo – Rovaniemi Residency for Creative People offers an opportunity to one person working in creative industries at a time, starting in March 2012.

Students are also welcome. The residency offers you a change to work your own project in a new and interesting environment, surrounded by an inspiring community. Residency periods vary from one to two months. Also shorter stays are possible.

At Talo you work like we do: all the common space in the building, a wireless Internet connection, sauna, terrace, river, an apartment and a bike and a kicksled as vehicles are yours to use.

We are happy to offer all this without charge during the WDC Helsinki 2012 and Rovaniemi collaboration in 2012. Our networks at Rovaniemi and in Lapland are included in the package. You cover the expenses of traveling, materials, necessary insurances and living.

As a guest of residency you have an opportunity to get to know the Lapland and Arctic. At the end of your stay you will leave a trace in the community. This trace can be in a form of a presentation, piece of work, lecture or a workshop. The residency is hosted by three creative companies, Flatlight Films, Tahkokallio Design+ and Aku Meriläinen. Residency is maintained by a non-profit organization founded by these three companies.