The truth about Champagne glasses

( Yleinen )

Differing information of the amount of champagne glasses seems to have bewildered many attentive readers. Are there 90 or 150 of them? Hold your breath, the question is to be answered right here and now!




Following amounts of champagne glasses were found at Talo:
The upper left cupboard: 54 glasses
The upper right cupboard: 6 glasses
The shelf: 38 glasses
Storehouse: 12 glasses
Total: 110 glasses


At Päivis place: ca 40 glasses.


At the residency apartment: 6 glasses


Total: ca 156 champagne glasses


It seems like they were both right. Aku didn’t count in the ones Päivi had and the ones that are in the storehouse and residency apartment. And forgot about 8.