Tahkokallio Design+

Tahkokallio Design+ Ltd is a specialist in strategic design, based at Talo in Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. A perfect spot to head anywhere in the world.

We make platforms that support the design process – such as the concept for Rovaniemi Design Week, the most northern design week in the world. Or the 24h Design Competition which ensures that you can participate in the design process and help develop the city.

If you have started to wonder what corporate social responsibility and socially sustainable could mean in your line of business, Tahkokallio Design+ can help you find answers. Strategic design helps you find responsibility in your core business and communicate it through your brand.

The best things in Talo are the collective doing and the buzz. You never know where the best idea of the day hits you from. Besides, we have 150 champagne glasses here. Welcome to Talo.

Päivi Tahkokallio
+358 50 3243 517